Insured drivers

Basically when you get an auto insurance policy there are different kinds of coverage. If you have taken an auto insurance only for your vehicle without a coverage for yourself, then you may not be paid by your insurance company, if you are driving someone else's vehicle. The term insured driver is used for a person who has an auto insurance policy. In these circumstances you are insured even if the vehicle you are driving is not insured.

Exceptions to this policy

There are cert ain exceptions to the above mentioned policies. For example, you have two cars which are insured but there is also another car which you use but is not insured, then the insurance policy will not cover you. So if the car is owned by you but not insured then the insurance policy companies deny the claims for insurance. But in the same context if you are using a friends car temporarily, due to any reason, and an accident occurs then your policy will be covering you..

Facts on driving other people's car

Generally if you are driving the vehicle of another person, who also has insurance, an accident happens, and then the person who owns the car will get the primary benefit while you would be getting the secondary benefit in this case. In case the vehicle owner did not have any insurance policy or the car is uninsured, then it is best to avoid driving the same. This will result in the registration of the car getting canceled and the car would be invalid to drive on the road.

State laws and auto insurance policies

There are instances when the insurers agree to pay for the expenses of a policy holder driving another person's car in one state, but deny the same situation in another case. This happens because of the laws which govern the insurance policies. The state laws have certain regulations for insurance companies and the terms of policies also. There are chances that the liability for the insurance would be provided to you but the extension of the damage to the car would not be covered by you policy. Also if there was no primary coverage on the car then the auto insurance company may also deny your coverage to the accident which tool place in another vehicle.

Hence getting insurance claims while driving your friends cars or vehicles depends on many factors.

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